Terms of use

These terms & conditions apply to use of Van Eeckhoutte's websites and databases.

Intellectual Property

All our texts, databases, illustrations and design (hereinafter referred to as "Van Eeckhoutte's data") are protected under the Netherlands Copyright Act 1912, the Database Act and other national and international laws and regulations. Except where permitted by law, Van Eeckhoutte's data may not be duplicated (to include 'framing'), copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed or transmitted in any form or in any manner whatsoever, or made accessible to third parties or placed in the public domain, without our prior written permission.

Querying and viewing Van Eeckhoutte's data and making printouts for personal, non-commercial use is permitted within the limits prescribed by law. In all other cases, an explicit licence is required, to which conditions may be attached.

Circumvention or hacking of our security, call-in or subscription system, via which free access can be gained, whether or not temporarily, to Van Eeckhoutte's data is strictly prohibited. Unauthorised use of Van Eeckhoutte's data constitutes an infringement of our intellectual property rights and will be prosecuted under both criminal and civil law!

Cessation of services

Van Eeckhoutte's data and our websites may be modified or terminated by us at any time we see fit.

We reserve the right to block certain IP addresses if it appears that infringements of our rights are being made from them, attempts to do so have been undertaken or improper use has been made of our systems. For that purpose, we may monitor access to our websites. This without prejudice to our other rights to prosecute as stated above.

Links to third-party websites

Van Eeckhoutte's data and our websites contain links to other websites. This, however, shall not be deemed to mean that we embrace the content of those websites. We are not responsible for, do not ratify and accept no liability for the content or use of those websites. We create such links merely within the context of our service delivery.

Consult the terms & conditions of use, the privacy statement and other components of those websites before using them. You are responsible for taking the necessary precautions to ensure that anything you apply for your own use is virus-free and free of anything else that may be malicious.


Except personal data, all commentaries, feedback, information or material in the broadest sense of the word (hereinafter "submissions") sent to us will be regarded as non-confidential. In that respect, please see the privacy statement of Van Eeckhoutte B.V.

Van Eeckhoutte acquires free of charge the worldwide and perpetual rights of title to and proceeds from the submissions. Van Eeckhoutte shall be free to apply the submissions as it sees fit on an unlimited basis and for any purpose whatsoever. You nonetheless are and will remain responsible for your submissions, including their legality, reliability, originality, and for respecting the intellectual property rights of third parties.


In return for accepting the benefits accruing to you through use of Van Eeckhoutte's data and our websites, you hereby agree to protect Van Eeckhoutte, its management, employees, representatives and partners against, and to indemnify them for, court and out-of-court measures, judgements and the like, including - and without limitation - reasonable costs for legal support (attorneys, lawyers and bailiffs) and accountants etc. engaged by third parties as a consequence of your use of van Eeckhoutte's data and our websites, your infringement of these terms & conditions or your infringement of any statutory provision or third-party rights.