IT/internet law

Also known under the name of Informatics Law, IT law is the legal science and legal practice to do with information and communication technology; it is the legal essence surrounding all activities to do with gathering, storing, processing and disseminating data running via computers or communication systems. In general it is all about resolving problems that arise in the confrontation of IT with conventional law and legislation and about creating an entirely new legal environment (formation of jurisprudence). More specifically, IT law is primarily about issues in the area of tendering and outsourcing of ICT projects, copyright to software, ICT contracts, privacy, telecoms and - of course - handling litigation in that area.

The rapid growth and popularity of the internet is meanwhile throwing up so many legal questions in the areas of intellectual rights, such as copyright, trademarks and trade name rights, but also domain names, cybercrime, privacy, and e-commerce, that internet law has developed into a discipline all of its own. Besides the above, Van Eeckhoutte handles issues to do with e-government and Web 2.0.