Contracts concerning products and services in the field of information technology and telecommunication form one of the fundamental mainstays of ICT law. So it is no wonder that one of Van Eeckhoutte's core activities is the drawing up, assessing (screening: is the contract clear, complete, balanced, are there weak points or pitfalls?), and reviewing of such contracts. This involves agreements with regard to both hardware and software, but also telecom contracts and agreements on internet services. The term 'ICT contracts' includes a whole raft of contracts which differ strongly in terms of content. There are, for instance, various software (licence) contracts varying from customizing agreements, clickwraps, ASP's (Application Service Agreements), maintenance contracts - better known as SLAs (Service Level Agreements) -, escrow contracts up to SaaS or cloud computing agreements. Cloud computing is an internet architecture model making use of software as a service (SaaS) so that software can be used via a web browser.

Often complex, but indispensable if you want to know where you stand with your ICT environment and run your business with your mind at ease. Your ICT environment crashing (or to put it better: blacking out) is bad enough, but if you don't have your contracts in order, you really are up the creek without a paddle. So get it all set up properly, and in advance. That is precisely what Van Eeckhoutte does.