Based on the Lawyers' Act, NOvA has imposed the following code of practice on all lawyers:

Terms of practice

As an additional guarantee for the quality of his services, as well as to ensure the best possible results, Van Eeckhoutte bides by the following terms of practice:

The client is visited in person

To the extent possible, at first call or visit Mr. Eeckhoutte will make an assessment of the nature and scope of your case and the feasibility of your requirements. He also discusses the direct financial consequences, and he will keep you informed of all important issues in relation to your particular case.

You will not find directions to the office on this website, as Van Eeckhoutte will come to you. This means that you do not waste valuable time and that all the relevant paperwork and people are present. Project related cases often involve several company employees. It is therefore far more practical to hold meetings at the client's office.

Fast and efficient means of communication

Van Eeckhoutte is easily accessible to its clients. He ensures that all your issues are handled in time. And during holiday or sickness absence he ensures good replacement.

Initial communication is via e-mail. See contact. Messages containing information sensitive to the case will always be marked confidential and can be sent encrypted or with an accredited digital signature.

E-mails relevant to the case are often followed up by a telephone conversation, in order to discuss the (legal) merits of the case or to make an appointment. If there is no reply at the office (+3133-4481004), clients can leave a message or call the mobile phone number (+31647074075).

A video conference call or chat sessions in secure conference or chat rooms via Skype with clients and contacts at home and abroad is practical and efficient. If you have Skype, you can maintain an open line with this law office. That connection is free. The Skype application is free to download .

Documents which cannot (easily) be sent by e-mail (agreements, project plans, functional designs, etc) are exchanged by fax (+31 847338362). To avoid persons other than the addressee reading the fax, no confidential documents are faxed to the client without prior permission. Where fax security is a problem documents will be sent by regular post or official courier.

Clear expense accounts

The timesheet:
An example of a timesheet can be found here. Most important is the chargeable time, as this is the time which is multiplied by the fixed hourly rate in order to calculate the fee. Clients can request to see the amount of chargeable time on their file(s) at any time. Interim statements can be mailed. The statement is included in all final expense accounts.
The chargeable time consists of the actual number of minutes worked (rounded off to 5) multiplied by a factor. In principle, that factor is 1 and so the minutes worked are the same as the chargeable time. There are, however, some exceptions:

The expense account:
An example of an expense account (or invoice) can be found here. All expense accounts have a unique number and carry the file name for reference. Generally, expense statements are submitted when the outstanding balance is between € 1,000 and &euro 2,500 or if the file is expected to stay open for some time.
Clients should settle expense accounts within 14 days after the invoice date into bank account number IBAN: NL84 PSTB 0003 6193 33 BIC: PSTBNL21 in the name of Van Eeckhoutte BV, Amersfoort, stating the invoice number and the case name.

Orderly file implementation and archive

Administrative data on a case contain all relevant information and are easy to retrieve. Van Eeckhoutte captures all information well organized and accessible. Also all files are carefully sealed and filed and preserved for a period of at least 7 years.

Third party suppliers

Mr. Eeckhoutte guarantees the good quality of any third party consultants, such as a legal expert in witness of your case. The office will inform you if third parties are involved in your case.

Complaints Regulation

Van Eeckhoutte is open for complaints regarding its services. The office would like consider your remarks in order to improve its services. In case you have a complaint, question or tip, do not hesitate contact the office.