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What does the disclaimer do?
Where can I get the disclaimer?
Is the disclaimer for my entire website?
What are the terms of use?
Who owns the disclaimer?
What are the limitations of the disclaimer?
Can I refer to the disclaimer at any time free of charge?
What about liability with respect to the disclaimer?

What does the disclaimer do?top
The disclaimer (see the bottom of this page) offers sufficient protection for most of the liabilities which might arise from your Internet web page. You exempt yourself for example from possible inaccuracies on your web page as well as from any liability for damages which may result from web pages linked with your site. In addition the user is instructed to treat your web page correctly, as well as not to send anything through your web page which may cause damage to you or others. It is the user's responsibility to indemnify you against liabilities from third parties. Please read the disclaimer for the exact details.

Where can I get the disclaimer?top
All you have to do is paste the following html line in your web page::
<a href="http://www.freedisclaimer.eu" target="_blank">Disclaimer</a>

Is the disclaimer for my entire website? top
No. The disclaimer is only valid for the web page(s) on which the above-mentioned line is included.

What are the terms of use?top

  1. simply link to the disclaimer using the html line above;
  2. copy the whole of the html line. The only additions allowed are: 'id', 'name', 'style' and/or 'class';
  3. place the html line only on a web page with the extensions .htm, .html, .asp or .php(3);
  4. the word 'Disclaimer' should be clearly legible in the hyperlink;
  5. submit no more than one html line for each web page;
  6. the web page and its contents are directly accessible for everyone;
  7. the contents are in Dutch or English and Dutch law is applicable;
  8. adhere to the constitution, the European Convention on Human Rights and the rights of the individual or legal entity;

Failure to observe these terms of use may result in the disclaimer being legally invalid.

Who owns the disclaimer?top
Filip J. Van Eeckhoutte, ICT/IP lawyer, is the author and publisher of the disclaimer. He has the right to change or remove the disclaimer.

What are the limitations of the disclaimer?top
The disclaimer is designed for general, widespread use. It is not a bespoke product and can therefore not cover all conceivable risks. Furthermore this disclaimer has nothing to do with (breach of) personal data protection, intellectual rights, licenses, terms of use etc. If you are concerned that this disclaimer does not (fully) cover your requirements or if you have any doubts, please contact Filip J. Van Eeckhoutte before you use it.

Can I refer to the disclaimer at any time without incurring any costs?top
Yes. Including the hyperlink in your web pages is unrestricted and free of charge, provided that you comply with the terms of use.
Do you want this disclaimer on your website without mentioning the source? Send this email en pay € 453,75 (VAT included) into banking account IBAN: NL35INGB 0003 6193 33 of Advocatenkantoor Van Eeckhoutte BV stating your (company) name. In reply you will receive a VAT specified invoice (in which your payment is settled) and your license code that must be stated under the disclaimer (see example). Want to know more?... Read the Disclaimer License Terms (Dutch)).

What about liability with respect to the disclaimer?top
Where Van Eeckhoutte advises you within the context of a client/lawyer relationship, provides bespoke work and/or other services, the professional liability insurance and general conditions apply. Such a relationship is always confirmed in writing. Outside of that relationship Van Eeckhoutte accepts no liability whatsoever to any person or persons, and use of the disclaimer is entirely on your account and at your own risk. Click here for more information.