Costs & tariffs

Clients of Mr. Van Eeckhoutte know what they are up to, financially. Not only the invoices provide insight, alth the costs and tariffs are made transparant. The costs consist mainly of the following items: 1) hourly rate attorney , 2) bailiff and others , 3 ) office costs , 4) VAT , 5) extracts of offical documents and 6) court fees.

*except the lawyer's hourly rate of amounts given are an indication.

Hourly rate attorney

The regular rate is € 295.
The basic rate of € 205 plus a succes fee (a small percentage of the result or a lump sum) is negotiable in certain cases.

With respect to declarations and declaration methods Van Eeckhoutte adheres to the guidelines of the Dutch Bar Association (of which he is a full member) and the customary standards in the legal profession. Billing takes places usually on Fridays. The hourly rate and any other financial matters are normally explained in the introductory meeting or call. So you will not unexpectedly be faced with disproportionate legal fees. Here you will find more information about the invoices.

No cure no pay is not permitted. In some countries it is possible to pay the lawyer only if he wins the case. This system is known as 'no cure no pay'. In this system, however, the lawyer has a personal financial interest in winning the case. This compromises the independence the lawyer needs to have. Moreover, it creates the risk that the lawyer charges higher rates in order to compensate for unpaid hours due to lost cases. That is why in the Netherlands the 'no cure no pay' principle is not permitted in the legal profession. According to the Dutch Law Society, the same applies to the arrangement that the fee will be a percentage of the yield of the case.

If you are involved as the claimant in a legal case, but cannot afford to pay the fees, Van Eeckhoutte can present your case to a premium litigatin funding company, free of charge. If the funding company takes your case, they will assume the full cost of all aspects of the action, including Van Eeckhoutte's fee - regardless of the outcome. If your claim fails for any reason, you pay nothing. Your only payment to the funding company is a pre-agreed percentage of any settlement following the claim's success. Van Eeckhoutte acts fully independent and has no interests in that funding company whatsoever.

Experience shows that summary proceedings and the preceding preparations (including research, communication, study, drafting judicial documents) cost an average of € 4,000 to € 5,000 in lawyer's fees. A standard procedure may double this amount.

In general, the office invoices ad interim when the outstanding balance is between € 1,000 and € 2,500 or the file is expected to remain on hold for some time. Van Eeckhoutte will request a deposit or advance when a case demands a lot of attention in a short time and/or in order to secure the continuity of the case. The advance is always settled in the next invoice.

Bailiffs and third parties

Click here for a detailed overview of the bailiff's rates.

Charges by third parties will be passed on with a 15% margin.

Office expenses

A maximum of 6% office expenses are charged.


21% VAT is charged on the aforementioned fees and office expenses. However, due to the 6th VAT Directive and Article 6 lid 2 sub d 3th Dutch Value Added Tax Act 1968 (Wet Ob) no VAT is charged for enterprises residing outside the Netherlands.


Extracts from the local government register of persons € 6.50. Extracts from the Chamber of Commerce companies register € 10 (plus VAT).

Court fees

Click here for court fees and here for the liquidation fee/award of legal costs.