Corporate matters

Corporate affairs is the generic name for mergers & acquisitions practice, franchising, unfair competition and company law. These cases are to all intents and purposes divided into internal and external questions. The internal issues relate to the organisation of the company, such as founding, setup and restructuring of a limited company, dismissal of directors, changes in bylaws and entry and exit of shareholders. External matters relate to the company's legal relationship with other parties, mainly partners in mergers, acquisitions or franchising, competitors in cases of unfair competition and trading partners (customers, suppliers etc.). Corporate is a broad practice and at Van Eeckhoutte often mixed with ICT and internet law and intellectual (property) rights.

Corporate litigation concerns normal and special procedures before court as ultimum remedium. These might be credit collection or compliance procedures and interim injunctions in order to put a stop to acts of infringement by a competitor. Van Eeckhoutte, however, will first try to avoid the dispute. So Corporate is essentially a consulting practice where we consult, anticipate, review contracts and other documents and give written and/or verbal advice. Companies benefit from written, clear agreements, but the intention is not to frighten off the other party to contract (e.g. your potential customer). So Van Eeckhoutte looks for the balance between your legal and commercial interests. A healthy balance, so that doing business remains a pleasant affair.