Commercial law

As an element of corporate practice, commercial law relates to relationships with trading partners, such as suppliers, distributors, transport companies, resellers and other customers. In credit collection and compliance cases, as well as in cases where damages are being demanded based on a contract, the Civil Code offers the necessary guidance. On 1 January 1992, the Vienna Convention came into effect, which established uniform rules for sales of movable property. The so-called Vienna Sales Convention contains a few snags and glitches, which explains why that convention is frequently precluded in general terms & conditions. The Dutch Commercial Code (WvK) covers exotic cases such as regress law, agencies and insurance.

It is in this sub-practice that the trading infrastructure of companies is decked out with enforceable and acceptable model contracts for SME and enterprises, general terms & conditions of service and/or delivery of goods and other trading contracts. Van Eeckhoutte provides advice on and edits customised agreements, letters of attorney, retail and license agreements, and letters of intent (LOI) in the Dutch, French or English languages. We work based on best practice, with the most experience for companies operating in the ICT segment or where intellectual property rights (such as brands) represent a key asset.