Areas of law

This law firm provides advisory and procedural legal aid in the field of Corporate law and in particular in the field of intellectual property rights (IP) and IT/internet law. In addition, he is involved in legal advice for ICT projects.

Corporate law

Corporate law is an area of law which affects all owners of companies. For example transaction contracts. Trading without a contract is inconceivable. Contracts imply obligations, but are these obligations clear to all parties involved? From a commercial point of view, company owners benefit from a clear, written agreement, which should not however intimidate the customer. So, an expensive multi-page Agreement is not always what is wanted, nor one that fits on the back of a beer mat. A compromise? Possibly, but not necessarily. Van Eeckhoutte looks for a balance between your legal and commercial interests. A healthy balance in which doing business is still a pleasure.
He works in the following business related fields:

Intellectual property rights (IP)

Intellectual property rights form part of general competition law, aimed at maintaining open and fair competition between suppliers of services and product. Intellectual rights are 'products of the human mind'.
There is a series of laws aimed at protecting these products, which include creations, technical inventions, design, texts, databases etc. These laws regulate competition by - on the whole - granting exclusive and often universal rights to the rightful claimant of IE on his or her products. This obviously affects competition between suppliers. Consequently, the back-end-software of a website cannot simply be copied by anyone else . Or what about imitation of your product brand? Violations of such intellectual rights may lead to substantial damages and even criminal prosecution.

Intellectual rights consists of several areas, of which the following are covered by the legal practice:

IT/internet law

IT/internet law includes aspects of law not covered under intellectual property rights (see above). Nevertheless, it is understandable that many people put typical intellectual property areas, such as copyrights or database rights together with IT/internet law, as soon as there is a link with information technology or the internet. To help clarify this, here is a list of some of the topics typically covered by ICT/internet law as they form an important part of Van Eeckhoutte's practice:

IT/internet law is based mainly on European rules and (related) rulings. Due to increasing technological developments, ICT/internet law is a dynamic area of law in which new legal insights, whether or not self-created, should be closely followed.

Legal ICT project consultancy

If builders of ICT applications believe in the proverb prevention is better than cure they will opt for legal ICT project consultancy. Legal ICT project consultancy provides clients with advice for the duration of the project. This includes the following activities: